Government doesn't look like the people it represents. We find people deeply committed to community who understand root causes and offer solutions.

Then, those leaders pass legislation that works for everyone to thrive, be safe, and live their fullest life. Because when leaders share a lived understanding of the issues facing their communities, they are best positioned to help solve them.



what we do

We recruit, train and support progressive leaders from underrepresented communities. By supporting bold leaders into public office, we can begin to dismantle oppressive and unjust systems.


WHo we work for

We work for communities in the Northwest whose governing bodies don’t represent them.  We fight for everyone in our community to be included in our public processes--to have a voice in shaping our society.


Why it Matters

Government doesn't look like the people it represents--and that’s a problem.  Leaders who share a lived understanding of issues facing their communities are better equipped to serve them.